The Organization

The Corporation

The Haliburton Highlands Family Health Team became a corporation under the Ontario Corporations Act on July 12, 2006. The Head Office is 7217 Gelert Road, Haliburton, Ontario. The charter objects for which it was incorporated are:

Our Vision

We see a healthier Haliburton Highlands in which individuals make healthier choices, are able to manage their health and enjoy optimal wellness.

Our Mission

We are committed to a healthy community. Through partnerships, we will build individual and community capacity to achieve optimal health.

Our Values

We value the client’s right to decide what direction to take in their health plan based on complete and accurate information. We will support clients in their health journey, providing resources, information, encouragement and advocacy as needed. We plan our services to meet the need of our community and clients.

We value others, whether they are a client, a colleague, a family or a group. We show respect by listening, being inclusive in planning, honouring decisions and being non-judgemental.

We value honest dialogue. We will clearly communicate our message to our clients, partners and community. In turn, we will listen carefully to our clients, partners and community and invite their input and participation in the delivery of our services.

We value the opportunity to work with other service providers, to align local planning and to maximize the available resources for providing care and support to the community.

Our Strategic Directions

    1. Meet the primary health care needs of the residents of Haliburton Highlands by improving access to quality care, assess Health Human Resources to achieve our goals, and Use our website to educate the community about the HHFHT services;
    2. Enhance the integration of health care within Haliburton Highlands by engaging in the development of an annual multi-agency plan (enabling a common set of health care delivery priorities across providers);
    3. Build a model of team-based interprofessional primary health care appropriate to the needs of Haliburton Highands by engaging team in process redesign – to define roles, relationships, and responsibilities, continue to build capacity to be a centre for rural health education and training excellence, and to support continuing education and training opportunities for team members.