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Dr. Stephenson’s Retirement

It is with regret and sadness that we announce Dr. Tina Stephenson’s retirement, effective July 31, 2023. Many of her patients received an email communication today. We are working on mailing out the letters to those without an email address on file.

Dr. Stephenson came to Haliburton in 1987 for “the summer”. She was made to feel so welcome by the hospital staff, office staff and the entire community that she made Haliburton County her permanent home.

Despite incredible effort the allocation of Dr. Stephenson’s patients to their next primary care provider remains undetermined. We recognize the vulnerability created by this uncertainty. Our clinic is looking for a solution.

We will be offering regular walk-in clinics that anyone in the community can attend. Patients may also register with Health Care Connect (…/layoutHCCHomePage…) after July 31, 2023. If you wish to do so sooner you can contact ServiceOntario at 1-888-218-9929 to request that you be derostered/deregistered from Dr. Stephenson ahead of her retirement date.