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The Benefits of Middle-Age Fitness

The Benefits of Middle-Age Fitness
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Keeping yourself young and fit

As work and stress of middle-age life will happen to all of us, it is a very important time to take care of both  your mind health along with your body health.  Staying active can help with both of this issues.  Try new things to help keep yourself in shape both mentally and physically.   Try something new like  golfing,  train for a triathlon, or a charity walk.   Did you know we have “Frisbee golf” available in the park?  Set goals and stick with them, it will make you feel and look terrific.

Don’t forget your food intake

This is also an important time in your life to make sure you are eating healthy.  Proper portion size and nutritional value in your foods is so important to keep you healthy for years to come.  As we age it becomes harder to maintain a healthy weight.   Try to eat fresh, less processed foods,  more green vegetables, less fatty meats.